Jose Andres And Hillary Clinton Send ‘Hidden Messages’ Through Food To Diplomats

Remember how Hillary Clinton brings in celebrity chefs to gain diplomatic brownie points as Secretary of State? Turns out that one of said chefs was our favorite happy Spaniard, Jose Andres. In a segment covering “Hill’s Kitchen” (LOL good one, guys!) CBS This Morning interviewed him in his DC kitchen about a recent menu he designed for protocol chiefs from around the world. (Side note: Today we learned that “Protocol Chief” is a real job, and they have conventions.)

Andres, it seems, knows exactly what it is he’s supposed to do with his menu: “[I] have a true opportunity to send hidden messages.”

“‘Hidden messages’?” asked a bewildered Chip Reid.

“Hidden messages,” he repeated. “Through a menu of hidden messages through the food that you put on a plate.”

Watch below as he explains exactly how one can send hidden messages about supporting Louisiana aquaculture through food, like some sort of chef Manchurian Candidate.

[CBS via Dave Naranjo]

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