Jose Andres Describes How He Conceptualized That Delicious Human Loin On Hannibal

Image credit: Janice Poon

In our post earlier today about last night’s episode of Hannibal, a commenter pointed out that normally, a fruity red Cumberland sauce is served with red meat and not pork tenderloin. While they may be quite correct, 1) the Cumberland sauce was served with human loin which probably counts as red meat, and 2) it was José Andrés’ idea to begin with, so take it up with him.

In the show’s official production Tumblr (and with assistance from fan Janice Poon’s artwork), Andrés described his thought process in what the notoriously upscale cannibal would serve as a first meal to his law enforcement colleague. Cumberland sauce with loin, for instance, “happens to be in the classic Auguste Escoffier book” and would make Hannibal look “gastronomically savvy.”

And lest you think this entire Tumblr post is a production ploy, you can totally tell that Andrés wrote it:

Then came the dish presentation. It needed to be simple but somehow also provide a glamorous visual… How would Hannibal serve this dish to Jack? A silver tray maybe? Touches of chervil here and there? Roasted apples with caramelized crystal sugar around it? Yes… This is a great moment!  We need to do this!

Only José Andrés would ever get this gung-ho about eating people like he would about, oh, everything else he ever does, ever.

[Hannibal Production Blog via Eater]

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