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WATCH: How Soon Till Jose Andres And Al Roker Hit The Road As A Comedy Duo?

Jose Andres stopped by The Today Show this morning to plug his new restaurant Mi Casa in Dorado Beach, Puerto Rico with, appropriately, the national dish of Puerto Rico: lobster asopao. Now, you know how Al Roker gets with crustaceans, so there was obviously some anthropomorphism.

Jose’s gangbusters energy only fed Al’s inner ham and thus, before we knew it, Al was more comedy sidekick than sous chef. You know, if all comedy sidekicks did was yell out the last word their partner said for emphasis. Comedy!

“Man you’re good!” Jose exclaimed as Al began anticipating the steps in the recipe. “You should stop doing the weather, man!”

“Many people have said that to me,” Al deadpanned.

Check out the duo of Andres and Roker below.

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