Jose Andres Thinks 8 Is The Magic Tapas Number

WSJ has a profile up today on Jose Andres and his love of dinner parties, particularly tapas. Tapas are the best. Seriously. Tapas tapas tapas. And he advises inviting no more than eight people to a tapas-style grazing dinner party, because “it gets complicated.”

Other tips/observations from Andres for when you try to do a tapas-style dinner party and fail miserably:

  • Don’t serve more than one hot tapas
  • Keep it simple, estupido
  • Soy sauce and seaweed go really well with potato chips
  • All Spanish food is basically food porn when you read it

A funny story about Jose Andres — well, really, Jaleo. I celebrated my first job offer there. Then four months later, I was let go. So naturally, I blame Jose Andres and his bacon-wrapped asparagus for my utter failure. [Ed Note: But then, by that logic, don’t we also have him to thank that you ended up here??]

What’s your favorite tapas dish?

Have a tip we should know?

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