Is It Football Season Yet? Jose Garces & Marc Vetri To Create Dishes For Philly Stadium

We know, Philly/football fans. You’ve been living in the shadow of New York/baseball’s food offerings for too long. With Danny Meyer’s systematic takeover of CitiField, it’s hard to imagine actually enjoying the food at any other sports venue in the country. BUT, thanks to your very own hometown culinary heroes, Iron Chef Jose Garces and Marc Vetri, the home of the Philadelphia Eagles is getting a stadium food upgrade.

The pair have partnered up with Lincoln Financial Field “to enhance the game day experience” by providing “a variety of new meal options that incorporate each culinary partner’s signature dishes and one-of-a-kind techniques.”

To recap: you can now find the foods of your favorite celebrity chefs at airports, baseball fields, football stadiums, music venues, and in the middle of large fields doubling as music venues. Celebrity chefs are everywhere. They’re climbin’ in your windows, and snatching your crappy hot dogs up, but, really, who can complain, because now you don’t have to eat crappy hot dogs.

UPDATE: The chefs overhauling Lincoln Financial Field’s food scene revealed the tasty offerings coming up this season in a special unveiling for VIP fans and we’ve got the photos. Check out the noms coming to your next Eagles game below.

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