New Hooked Up To Star Dead Poets Society’s Josh Charles; Diems Will Be Carpe’d

Are you swooning yet? We know. WE KNOW. The next episode of Reserve Channel’s Hooked Up, hosted by Tom Colicchio, will star his “good friend” Josh Charles, whom we guess is also on The Good Wife, but WHATEVER, because what you, dear reader, most assuredly recognize him from is seminal 1989 litnerd classic Dead Poets Society.

He speaks approximately zero words in the trailer clip for the episode below, in which he and Tom fish the Chesapeake Bay. But does he really need to say anything else ever again when he once said all this?

Stay tuned for the next installment of Hooked Up, where, in spite of the fact that fish will probably be what’s for dinner, the marrow of life will still be sucked. Enthusiastically.

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