WATCH: Anchor Josh Elliott Scorches Audience With Hot Milk During Buddy Valastro Demo

Buddy Valastro joined GMA this morning to share some patriotic desserts that viewers could easily whip up in their own homes this Fourth of July, but, unfortunately, he handed the reins over to anchor Josh Elliott a bit too freely in his demo. While making the custard filling for his red, white, and blue frutti di bosco, Buddy had Josh ladle the tempered milk into the egg yolks while he whisked away. However, Josh couldn’t manage the whole transferring hot liquids concept, and wound up knocking the pan of steaming milk right off the stove.

Of course, they were cooking outside in front of an audience, and the contents of the saucepan splashed up and all over the front row, scorching some innocent bystanders. Luckily, no one was injured and the GMA fans were happy to forget all about the incident, provided they received some generous slices of the finished frutti di bosco straight from The Cake Boss himself’s hands. Buddy was happy to oblige and no one sued. Yet. Watch the disastrous demo unfold below.

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