WATCH: GMA’s Josh Elliott Nerds Out Behind the Scenes of Iron Chef

Isn’t it sweet when Big Deal Media People reveal their inner cult nerd? Our second favorite Good Morning America anchro (anchor bro) Josh Elliott got to bring ABC News cameras behind the scenes of the Halloween-themed Iron Chef episode he was judging, and the whole thing is pretty special.

Facing off in Kitchen Stadium with Secret Ingredient “spooooky pairings” are Team Guarnaschelli-Zakarian repping the reigning Iron Chef side, versus Team Vigneron-Mendelsohn repping KITCHEN BROS. We can only assume the latter won Josh’s heart. But it’s okay, because real judges like Donatella Arpaia are on the panel, too.

Check out the adorbs behind-the-scenes sneak peek from this morning’s GMA below, and tune into Josh’s Iron Chef episode this Saturday night. And yes, the clip below features Josh bellowing “Allez cuisine!”

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