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Confession Corner: Josh Ozersky and Andrew Zimmern Prefer Their High-Quality Steaks Cooked Medium-Well

Andrew Zimmern invited Josh Ozersky as his very special phone-in guest on this week’s Go Fork Yourself podcast to Discuss Meat Like an Expert. (Thankfully, Molly Mogren performed her sidekick duties with aplomb, steering the boys toward explaining their insider talk in layman’s terms when they veered off into lardcore meat nerdery.)

After placating us with the preface that Esquire’s Eat Like a Man blog is meant for the man in all of us (which we can get behind), Josh Ozersky made a shocking admission — one he claimed he had never copped to in public before.

He prefers his premium quality steaks cooked medium-well. Yes, really. And Andrew Zimmern agreed!

We know, everything you’ve ever been taught about loving red meat has just been flipped, turned upside down. But they make a fair case for it with all sorts of educated opinions on blood and juices and rare meat failing to “seize up” properly. It’s totally fascinating. And we do find it so endearing whenever any food expert plays the bashful contrarian.

You can check out the podcast in its entirety here.


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