Google Honors Julia Child With Doodle

As with all great events and holidays, Google has created a special Doodle for the 100th birthday of Julia Child. Probably designed by official Doodler Dennis Hwang, it depicts Julia in her famous kitchen, cooking, along with fish and a few chickens perilously close to falling off the table, a giant letter G in a copper pot.

Normally, the nerds at Google reserve the Doodle for events like the birthdays of famous scientists and artists, ranging from simple redesigns of Google’s logo to something matching the event, to this two-minute long music video of “Don’t Stop Me Now” for Freddie Mercury’s birthday, to the best interactive online guitar for Les Paul’s 96th birthday. We’re slightly saddened that the code monkeys didn’t do anything cool for Julia’s birthday, like animated recipe demonstrations, or a video of her thwacking the heck out of a chicken, but this is pretty cool as is.



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