Pastry Chef Julie Elkind Named Fifth Cast Member For Todd English Reality Show

Remember that “rather serious look at the inner workings of the New York Hospitality Industry” that Todd English’s E! reality show promises to be? Well, they just cast a Bethenny Frankel to Anna Boiardi’s The Countess, and it’s kickboxing pastry chef Julie Elkind of the ESquared Hospitality Group.

Yes, that totally non-Kardashian-esque new reality show — oh, sorry, “docu-series” — looks to be shaping up nicely. Co-starring alongside Todd English are twins/toy proprietors the Koch Brothers, Chef Boyardee heiress Anna Boiardi, and now, Julie Elkind.

Should we start taking bets now that cute, blonde, petite, 25-year-old Julie falls into the scrappy, likable upstart role? The Jen Carroll of Life After Top Chef to this cast of characters? You know, except not tragically and pathetically edited? Todd English is obviously the tween heartthrob; we’ve already nicknamed Anna “Arianna Boiardi”; and the Koch Brothers are probably exactly like The Winklevi, because twins, right?

Somebody get Bunim/Murray on the phone. We could totally work in reality TV casting.


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