Sushi Chef Convicted Of Murdering His Father With A Fish Knife

30-year-old sushi chef Julian Kurita was convicted of murder yesterday by a New York City jury in a case that is still terrifyingly compelling in a weird Law and Order: SVU sort of way. He faces life in prison.

According to the New York Daily News, Kurita, a former sushi sous chef for Credit Suisse, was found guilty of killing his father by “nearly decapitating” him with a fish knife during a spaghetti dinner two years ago. “He f—– deserved it,” prosecutors say he told EMS and medical workers when they arrived on scene.

Kurita later testified that his father, a touring Japanese tap dancer, had molested him as a child, leading to severe psychological illness.

Though his lawyers pled insanity, the ADA prosecuting the case pointed to the following as proof that the murder was premeditated:

Julian Kurita then cut his own wrist, the prosecutor said, in a twisted Oedipal bid to garner sympathy from his mother after offing his dad…

[ADA Joan] Illuzzi-Orbon said that the suicide attempt was just a ruse to cover for his crime.

“He figured in two or three months he’s out of the hospital, dad’s out of the way and it’s back to me and mom. The way things used to be,” she said.


(Also, call me horrible, but this has enough absurdity to read like a script for a Japanese version of Law and Order: SVU, if Japan actually had violent crime.)

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