WATCH: Julie Elkind’s Boyfriend Proposes In The Worst Possible Way

This weekend’s episode of Playing With Fire featured the chiming of Julie Elkind’s biological clock, which began ticking furiously as she was demoing macarons for a bridal expo. Julie’s only 25 but she’s got herself a live-in boyf and they were just starting to look for shmancier apartments together, because she’s dying to get out of her Upper West Side hovel (read: beautiful apartment).

She tours a luxury building whose rent comes in at $5,000 and some change, but her boyfriend is pushing for Brooklyn so they can save up some money together. Julie hates Brooklyn, and is fiercely opposed to busting out her passport every time she commutes into the city. She expresses her disdain for the (best) borough thusly, “Oh my god. We’re going to Brooklyn. I’m clearly going to have to smoke some peyote and get all hippie and weird.”

Julie, have you seen like, a single episode of Girls? EVERYONE IN BROOKLYN LOOKS LIKE YOU.

And then her boyfriend interjects with a horribly timed, “I was hoping, Julie Elkind, will you marry me?”

Her answer, of course: “IN BROOKLYN?!”

Oh dear. Just watch the clip.

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