WATCH: 3 Best Moments From Justin Warner’s Rebel Eats Special

Justin Warner finally claimed his Food Network Star prize winnings and got his one-off special Rebel Eats filmed, wrapped, edited, and tucked into a Saturday night primetime slot on Food Network. It aired last weekend, and featured Justin on a road trip through the South, with no more than $300 in his pocket, documenting the greatest culinary rebels he could find.

We’ll ignore our nagging suspicions that Justin might deliver a bit too smart for Food Network and be better suited for something like Vice or Travel Channel, because FN benevolently produced Rebel Eats to tide us over until his recurring series Justin’s Excellent Adventure is ready to go. Here were our three favorite moments.

Justin drops foie gras jelly doughnut realness on Memphis, TN:

While visiting Dyer’s in Memphis, he requests their deep-fried PB&J off the menu, and after a quick behind-the-scenes demonstration to see how one is made, he politely asks if he can riff on the recipe to make a deep-fried duck liver and jelly version. Of course, foie gras jelly doughnuts are a staple menu item at Justin’s Do or Dine in Brooklyn, but he keenly avoided calling it foie gras amongst his skeptical Memphis brethren. Check out their conversion below.

Justin gets lost on the way to Moonshine Country, has an encounter with a horse:

We’ll let the clip speak for itself.

The outro rap:

Because we’re storied fans of Justin Warner’s budding rap career.

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