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WATCH: Justo Thomas Of Le Bernardin Teaches You How To Filet A Fish

Justo Thomas is better than you at filleting fish. That’s why Eric Ripert trusts him to handle 1,000 pounds of fish a day at Le Bernardin — by himself. (According to a chapter dedicated to Thomas in Anthony Bourdain’s Medium Raw, whenever Justo goes on vacation, three sous chefs have to fill in, and they take twice as long to cut the same amount of fish. He’s freaky good.)

So for you home pescatarians who sob over the pulverized, mangled remains of what used to be a sea bass, this video is for you: watch the best fish butcher in the country show you how to properly filet and clean a fish in two minutes. And then try to find that episode of Top Chef: Masters where Thomas owns all the cheftestants during a Quickfire challenge. And then eat your delicious fish and fill your belly full of death. How you like us now, PETA?

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