Eric Greenspan Learns Something New In K-Town: ‘If It Fits In Your Mouth, It’s Too Small’ (VIDEO)

We bastardize Asian cuisines by Americanizing beautiful, traditional dishes (holla atcha Kung Pao Pastrami) all the time. Usually, we feel provincial and guilty about this, but we’re so very pleased to see that other cultures can do the same thing to American food. See: Los Angeles K-Town’s “cheese corn” served at Dan Sung Sa. Presumably a Korean interpretation of American bar food, cheese corn is a big old vat of steamed corn, off the cob, smothered in melted mozzarella. By far, this is a weirder concoction than any of the offal Eric Greenspan samples in his K-Town-inspired episode of The Melt Master.

Chicken gizzards, intestines, spicy chicken feet, et al. are all less bizarre to us than this hilarious cheese corn thing. Thus, in making a grilled cheese evocative of Korean flavors, Eric begins with the most American of bases: cornbread. Add on some Italian mozz, some chicken gizzards, and some barbecued pork, and you’ve got an unholy cross-cultural hot mess that’s probably, frankly, delicious.

Oh, and Violet Kim shows up to be our K-Town spirit guide and bestow wise food neologisms upon us, too: “If it fits in your mouth, it’s too small.”

Check out the latest episode of Melt Master below.

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