WATCH: Kanye West Calls Paula Deen an ‘Old School’ Racist on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Here’s an excuse to watch Kanye West’s odd/illuminating interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!: the Creative Genius and Best Rapper Alive (TM) lumps Paula Deen into a special category of racist media figures, and explains why her racism (you know, the blatant admission that she uses the n-word) is different than the racism he claims he experiences as a fashion designer and as a celebrity in the media.

“Paula Deen, she was old school with it,” he told Kimmel. “They’re like, ‘We don’t do it like that anymore, Paula Deen.'”

But she could have gotten away with it if she were classist: “It’s not about racism anymore, it’s about classism,” says ‘Ye. (Deen appears at 4:10 below.)

Come for the Deen slam, stay for a long dissertation on racism in the media and leather jogging pants.

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