Kat Kinsman and Kim Severson Lincoln-Douglas Debate Pie v. Cake, Fulfill Our Dreams

This year’s 16th annual Southern Foodways Symposium is dedicated to “Women at Work” (yes, we swoon), and the sold out weekend in Oxford, Mississippi features what might be our favorite food debate of all time, hosted by two of our favorite lady food writers of all time (we swoon again).

Kat “The Grill Goddess” Kinsman and Kim “NYT Atlanta Bureau Chief, Multi-James Beard Award winner, and Otherwise Very Big Deal” Severson will sit down at the Symposium and take place in a Lincoln-Douglas style debate against each other extolling the virtues of either pie or cake. In the pie corner, we have Kat Kinsman, while Kim Severson bravely defends the noble cake.

When asked how they’d be preparing, the pair told Southern Living:

Kinsman: At this point, if there’s a pie pun I’ve not considered, I’d be berry, berry surprised. I’ve been pinning down a lot of crustworthy sources, and hopefully the fruits of my labor will keep me rolling toward victory.

Severson: Unlike my opponent, who is designing pie hats and testing various lipstick colors, I am digging deep into antique Southern cookbooks and thinking Very Big Thoughts.

The Southern Foodways Symposium takes place October 4-6. We’ll keep you posted on the final debate scores.

[Southern Living]

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