Today in Twitter Photos: Martha Stewart’s Asses, Kathleen Turner Roasts Gael Greene

Twitter is gifting us just the best photos today. But we’re sure you already knew that, scrolling mindlessly through your feeds while waiting for snow traffic to clear up. Sidebar: get off Twitter while driving. But in the event that you’ve been frolicking through the winter wonderland, savoring your humanity, and avoiding the interwebs, here’s what you’ve been missing.

1. Martha Stewart’s asses.

2. Gael Greene is absolutely everything.

Did we mention she was roasted by Kathleen Turner at her birthday party last night?

3. We’re playing a new game! It’s called “Eataly opening, Pope sighting, or One Direction concert.” Can you guess which this is?

4. Stephanie Izard of the future is flawless.

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