Not Even Mario Batali’s Eataly Can Rescue Katie Holmes’ Cooking

In a recent interview with Vogue, Katie Holmes and her Dead Accounts co-star Norbert Leo Butz were chatting about how a kitchen play is rife with theatrical possibility, when she dropped the Eataly bomb, confessing that not even Mario Batali’s fancy artisanal Italian supermarket Eataly can rescue her food.

“Like, just me in the kitchen is a comedy,” Holmes says. “But it’s heartbreaking for me going through it — ”

Butz erupts into surprised laughter. “Because you’re such a bad cook?”

“Yes. But for others, they probably think it’s really funny, because all the pans are out, and I get frustrated, and suddenly it’s burning –”

“And all these emotions will come out of it –” Butz offers, nodding.

“And I went to Eataly,” Holmes explains. “I got the stuff. And it still turned out, like — ­not good!”

She went to the place! She did the thing! She got the stuff! What gives, Mario? Isn’t spending an absurd amount of money on charcuterie at Eataly supposed to automatically make you a passable cook? Should Katie Holmes be better utilizing the #heyMB hashtag or something? WHAT IS SHE DOING WRONG, MARIO? HELP HER.


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