WATCH: Duff Goldman’s Cakes Star in Katy Perry’s ‘Birthday’ Lyric Video

Apparently, lyric videos have taken on a similar production value to real music videos, because Katy Perry’s lyric vid for her new single “Birthday” stars both her, and what appears to be a complicated take of scrolling lyrics written across various cake props. The provider of those frosted props? Duff Goldman! He prepped all the baked goods in the shoot at his Cakemix Bakery and DIY Baking Studio in LA.

“We got a lot of direction from Katy’s team,” Goldman tells PEOPLE, adding that the bakers followed a shot list that included requests for a suit-like cake, a hamburger cake, a cat cake and more, though had “free reign” with some sweets, like the rainbow cake.

“It was a real collaboration,” he says. “The Cakemix staff was working with the producer and director, who would say, ‘We need this lyric written out in frosting,’ or, ‘Can we get this done with food coloring?’ It was a really intense affair, putting it all together, but really cool — it made us feel like a part of what they were doing.”

Check out the finished product below. (We personally think an adequate thank you includes a Duff cameo in the proper music video.)


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