Tonight In Food TV: Khristianne’s On Millionaire Matchmaker, But The Taste Finale Spoils The Ending

Spoiler alert: this episode of The Millionaire Matchmaker taped before The Taste finale, so we totally know which girl Khristianne winds up with.

If you recall the congratulations and confetti portion of The Taste’s final episode, you’ll recall a certain Robyn-look-alike in the background playing the role of Khristianne’s stone-fox lady love.

If you peruse this crop of biddies Patti Stanger has assembled to find Khristianne’s soul mate, someone should look familiar. On the bright side: at least it worked out! (Although, if we’re using our deductive reasoning skills putting together everything we know about Ladies Looking To Settle Down seeking other Ladies Looking To Settle Down: of course it worked out.)

Check out a clip below and tune into Bravo tonight at 10pm ET to watch Patti’s first lesbian millionaire turn on the charm. (No, the other woman you’re thinking of is Tricia: The Bi-Curious Divorcee who went on a date with Tyler: The Hottest Lesbian In LA, before realizing that she was, in fact, seeking men, which we’re not bitter about at all).

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