Kimye’s Wedding Menu Was Like, So Trendy, So Italian

JK, it’s really your basic shitty wedding menu except that it’s at Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding, so naturally we must overanalyze the shit out of it. Which goes to show everyone: even if you are the Hip Hop Royal Couple, even you can’t escape your basic shitty wedding food.

First We Feast scooped the menu off of “everyone’s favorite Kardashian family stalker,” @Kardashianpedia, which we are finding very amusing.

So yeah, it’s your typical pasta, fish, meat sort of wedding menu, except that it’s in motherf*cking Florence, bishes. And, as First We Feast notes, no croissants — but we assume the couple scarfed a few down while partying in Paris, mais non?

Also, sorry Burger King.

[First We Feast]

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