OMFG: Watch Knife Fight Competitors Slaughter Live Catfish (GRAPHIC)

Knife Fight: it’s the cooking competition where everybody knows your name! Except, sweet baby Moses floating in the reeds, we did not think that the very first ten minutes of the very first episode would so effectively piss off PETA. But it did. Fun fact: this episode was rated TV-PG!

As Ilan Hall is breaking down the rules for spectators, he reveals the three mystery ingredients with which the competitors would have to make at least two dishes. Among them: live catfish. Guess what? The proper way to slaughter a catfish is not by taking it out of the water and letting it suffocate (inhumane for the fish; but not so graphic for the human). Proper catfish slaughtering technique is actually to STAB IT IN THE FACE, twist the knife, and crack its head open while it flops around on your cutting board, bleeding everywhere. Welcome to Knife Fight.

Check out the clip below, if you’re strong of stomach and passionate of culinary heart.

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