Tonight in Food TV: Knife Fight’s Semi-Legal Foods Battles, Featuring Haggis and Foie Gras

The inaugural season of Ilan Hall’s Esquire Network food competition show Knife Fight comes to a close with tonight’s final two episodes continues after tonight because they totally got an extension on their first ten episodes! Y’all, we’ve got like, weeks of the show left.

First, Phillip Lee and Natalia Pereira battle with secret ingredient foie gras, which Natalia has never cooked with before, resulting in some curious preparations. (Foie brulee? Berries and foie butter? Foie wrapped in Holy Leaf packets?) In the spirit of The Game Without Rules, however, Phillip gives Natalia a crash course in how to cook it properly, which is sportsmanlike of him. Check out a sneak peek below.

Then, Jeremy Strubel and Bernhard Mairinger battle with haggis, judged by Lisa Arch and Quinn Hatfield, while My Name Is Earl’s Jason Lee keeps time, leading us to believe that Ilan is incredibly adept at pulling people off the streets of Los Angeles at 1am to participate in a gritty fledgling reality show. Check out a sneak peek of this one below.

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