LA Chefs Greet The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck In La-La-Land

Image credit: Donny Tsang

When the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck pulled up in Los Angeles, they were greeted by not only lines and lines and lines and lines and lines of Angelenos, but also a special welcome from the Tough Straight Tattooed Chefs of the area.

Duff Goldman,  Roy Choi, Michael Voltaggio, Fany Gerson, and Zach Brooks showed up right before the truck’s first day of operations, mostly to mug and hang out with Doug Quint and Bryan Petroff. (Goldman was quick to note, though, that he wasn’t really an Angeleno yet — “not official until I go to a Dodgers game.”)

The truck actually followed Choi and the Kogi BBQ truck around Los Angeles for lunch the next day, which must have made a particular breed of pothead LA residents very, very happy.

And lucky for us non-West Coast residents, photographer Donny Tsang is photographing it all for us! Here’s Day One, and there’s Day Two.


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