Lady Gaga’s Family Restaurant Co-Owned By Art Smith Racks Up 42 Health Code Violations

A C grade on your restaurant’s health inspection doesn’t warrant a shut-down, but it is enough to make us shudder at the thought of soberly ordering food at any such establishment. Papa Gaga (née, Joe Germanotta) owns Joanne’s Tratorria with Art Smith on New York City’s Upper West Side. Tragically for New Yorkers, eating at Lady Gaga’s dad’s restaurant is the closest thing we get to eating Art’s food. But there’s no fried chicken on the menu, so we feel like it hardly counts as a real Art place, anyway.

The New York City Health Department gave Joanne’s 42 points in “critical violations,” including not having enough hand-washing facilities near the kitchen and improper food placement. Bummer. But is it wrong that we feel the tiniest sense of satisfaction about how all the 19-year-old college girls who flock there with their families to OMGeatatLadyGaga’srestaurant! and Instragram incessantly will probably get food poisoning at some point? Great. We didn’t think so either.

Joanne’s is credited, among other things, with Lady Gaga’s recent weight gain as well as serving “unspeakably fatty veal osso bucco,” as Steve Cuozzo called it in his New York Post review of the restaurant.

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