Lafayette Starts Serving Brunch This Weekend, Because Andrew Carmellini Understands How To Honor The Armed Forces

…With Nutella-banana waffles, of course! It’s Memorial Day Weekend, and the weather gods have probably destroyed your Hamptons plans, right? It’s all good, though. Take advantage of the fact that it apparently won’t be swimsuit weather for at least another month and indulge in a foie gras terrine at Andrew Carmellini’s new, massively-hyped French bistro Lafayette, which starts serving brunch this weekend! You know you want to. Also, did you know that you’re allowed to drink tequila for breakfast without the scorn and judgment of society bearing down on you? Totally! It’s called a Basque Shandy. Thanks for having a girl’s back, AC.

Check out Lafayette’s shiny new brunch menu below. We’ll be in the corner booth stuffing our faces with trotters at 10am because France has awesome breakfast traditions.

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