Landlord on Insulting Italian Restaurant Sign: I Wouldn’t Put It Past the Chef

Yesterday, a very insulting note went viral throughout America, allegedly showing the sign posted on a shuttered Italian restaurant in Amarillo, TX. (Short version: it calls its patrons “redneck sacks of goat sperm.”) Naturally, the chef of Sava Italiano, Mark Coffman, denied posting the note, telling the Amarillo Globe-News that he’d been out of town for the day prior and blamed “disgruntled employees.”

There’s always a different side of the story, though. Enter Sava’s landlord, Gene Storrs, who claims that he kicked Coffman out due to delinquent rent (“I couldn’t hardly get him out of there”), and had no idea how the sign got in the restaurant, “but  would not put it past [Coffman] for a minute.”

“I certainly cannot attest to his truth and veracity, because he lied to me several times about the rent,” Storrs added.

No one can really say for sure whether Coffman put the sign on his door, but one thing’s certain: no one would have known who Coffman was, or whether his ability to pay the rent was disputed, had someone not attributed the phrase “redneck sacks of goat sperm” to his restaurant. (We have to say, that’s a phrase built to go viral. Take note, Malcolm Gladwell.)

[Amarillo Globe-News]

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