Last Call: Tom And Gail Spin Together, Officially Kill The ‘Chefs Are Not Celebs’ Argument Dead

People Magazine: Tom Colicchio and Gail Simmons were spotted at a SoulCycle spinning class together, with sources confirming “they both spin on a regular basis” and “spin together regularly when they’re filming Top Chef.” Well, of course they do.

BuzzFeed: Lucky Peach published a handy dandy guide to dim sum for experienced weekend goers and newbies, alike. Although, we suppose the real news here is: since when is Lucky Peach a BuzzFeed Contributor? There goes the neighborhood…

GrubStreet: God bless GrubStreet. They threw together a totally brilliant power ranking for those allegedly “tyrannical tasting menus” in New York. Corby Kummer’s chief complaints were that they were too long, too expensive, and served too much food. Check out the grid to see how New York’s tasting menus stacked up, ranked by the time it takes to finish a meal, price, and number of courses.

Eatocracy: Look, sometimes, Stephanie Izard orders things just to eat Parmesan, okay? But she only takes a few bites. Want more chef secrets to not packing on the pounds during your lifelong gastro-crawl? Right this way.

NPR: Mixologists discuss how they use sound cues from shakers to determine that their cocktails are sufficiently blended. Rumba shake = good, which we assume means Ke$ha shake = bad.

YouTube: Per Justin Warner’s recommendation, you should apparently all be watching Andy Milonakis’s YouTube cooking show, if, for no other reason, than to marvel at how Andy Milonakis is still relevant.

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