Last Call: Watch Jose Andres Greet Anthony Bourdain On A Beach By Flying In On A Jetpack

EaterJose Andres greeted Anthony Bourdain on the shores of the Cayman Islands by emerging from the sea using a jetpack at this year’s Cayman Cookout. Video footage right this way.

Huffington Post: All across America, we have one definitive line of proof that the flu is out of control: the chicken soup index. Seamless Web is reporting a massive uptick in chicken soup and matzoh ball soup orders this flu season — up 37% in some cases. Rest easy, kids. Flu season is almost over.

Nashville Scene: Sean Brock has named a Kiwi the chef de cuisine of Husk Nashville. What does a New Zealander know about southern cuisine? Have some faith; Morgan McGlone started out as a stagiaire at the original Husk two years ago.

ESPN: Because we’ll never get enough of Jim Henson everything, here’s an ESPN Sportscenter promo featuring The Swedish Chef. The only person who can understand him in the cafeteria is fellow Swede Henrik Lundqvist of the New York Rangers.

New York Daily News: New Jersey brewery Flying Fish created a Hurricane Sandy relief draft dubbed “FU Sandy” (sadly, FU stands for “forever unloved”), using all-donated ingredients, with 100% of the proceeds going towards Sandy relief. That’s how you know things are still bad in Jersey: they’re giving away beer proceeds.

GrubStreet: Why the fuck isn’t this 8-minute Stumptown Coffee promo up for Best Picture this year? Watch it right this second, if the sight of many tattooed hipsters with beautiful souls won’t blind you.

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