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Last Call: Max Sussman Bids Farewell To Roberta’s

Twitter: Today was Max Sussman’s last day at Roberta’s. He’s celebrating by kicking off a Battlestar: Galactica marathon in bed tomorrow morning. Journey on, Max.

Huffington Post: Remember how your brain exploded when you learned that we had all been using ketchup cups wrong our whole lives? Guess what. You’ve also been using Chinese takeout containers inefficiently. They unfold into plates, you guys!

Time Out Chicago: Sean Brock is taking over Barcito’s kitchen tonight in Chicago, as well as manning the DJ booth, to see if the BBQ kids, the Midwesterners, and the Mexican food lovers can play nice together. We have high hopes.

GrubStreet: OpenTable purchased the FoodSpotting app for a cool $10 million, thus merging the art of reservation-making and food-photo-sharing. Well, if OpenTable is on board with taking pictures of your food at restaurants…

York Daily Record: An 88-year old diabetic gentleman who ate a Whopper Junior every day died last week, and his funeral procession drove through his local Burger King for one last meal. This is like a sweeter version of that BBQ-themed funeral for the Chili’s baby-back ribs guy. Equally questionable taste, though.

Eater: In somber news, the executive chef of Terrazza at Shore Club Stefano Riccioletti was killed in a hit-and-run yesterday. Police found the driver, a 20-year-old woman, and charged her with leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death. Our hears go out to both the Terrazza and Riccioletti families.

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