Last Call: Bradley Cooper’s Culinary Comedy Chef Back On Track

Variety: Bradley Cooper will be reprising his role as The Comeback Chef in a very delayed, but definitely greenlit culinary comedy for the silver screen dubbed Chef, in which he attempts to open a restaurant in London after losing his Michelin-starred Parisian gem. Yup, sounds familiar.

GrubStreet: Jacques Torres is opening a real live chocolate factory in Brooklyn, complete with a 70-foot tunnel, a chocolate powder room, an ice-cream room, and a five-ton chocolate melter. This is better than the news about that bizarre Beyonce vault.

Huffington Post: Mattel opened the world’s first official Barbie Cafe Taiwan, and we are legitimately furious that it wasn’t open in time to be a segment on Fresh Off The Boat.

Zap2It: Remember how excited we were about The Taste debuting as ABC’s highest rated series premiere in two years? Uh, viewership tanked by 2 million audience members this week. Whoops. Is it because there was only one hour of Malarkey this week instead of two?

Reddit: A mystery college campus advertised a school-sponsored Ben & Jerry’s pajama party with the oh-so-catchy event name “BJs In Your PJs!” This is either one of those super sex-positive liberal arts colleges in the middle of nowhere, or it was conceived by a sweet granny at BYU.

Eater: Joshua Skenes of the 2-Michelin starred Saison just switched restaurant spaces for the third time, and the new design features a live fire in an open kitchen. Helloooo star number three!

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