Last Call: Rene Redzepi Announces Ticket Sales And Lineup For Next MAD Symposium

MAD: Rene Redzepi has announced the exact moment at which $450 tickets for the third MAD Symposium will go on sale, along with a partial lineup. You can check out all the info for Glorified Food Enthusiasts’ Summer Camp here. The adorably pregnant Travel Channel host Samantha Brown recounts her favorite Bizarre Foods: America moment in honor of tonight’s all-new episode. And she almost gets through it without throwing up in her mouth!

Complex: If Eddie Huang’s chapter on his lucrative sneaker biz in Fresh Off the Boat wasn’t enough for you, check out this interview he did with Complex, for a full, round, balanced impression of his sneaker game.

Grub Street: By now you’ve caught wind of the hilarious Burger King hack heard ’round the Twitterverse, but Grub Street has screencaps of all the bath salts and Percocet jokes tweeted out to rappers (yeah, this was an involved prank).

The Daily Meal: Someone created a Beyonce sandwich, with each and every component representing a facet of Honey-Bey’s life. The only edit we’d make is nixing the jelly. We are not in fact, as it turns out, ready for it.

Reuters: A new study finds that no amount of words or numbers on food labels will stop the least health-conscious diners of the world from eating terrible foods as well as color coding it like traffic lights will. Red for bad. Green for good. Yellow for sometimes food…cannot go on…language center of brain…atrophying…

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