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Last Call: Andrew Zimmern Calls For A Jewish Pope, E.G. Himself

New York Insider TV: Pre-conclave, Andrew Zimmern lobbied for the installment of a Jewish pope while at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival. He even went so far as to throw his own hat in the ring, in the interests of “a little more embracing” and a little less, “hey, you’re different.” How did this not happen?

Food Republic: Ludo Lefebre found a clever way to circumvent the foie gras ban in his California restaurant not by smuggling, but by finding a genius foie substitute: monkfish liver! Who knew?

Grub Street: Top Chef: All Stars alum Angelo Sosa shuttered his midtown restaurant Social Eatz in favor of opening a new Asian Gastropub concept in the space called Poppy Den. Someone needs a crash course in Restaurant Naming 101.

Washington Post: This story about a guy who figured out how he can survive without ever eating real food again has Michael Ruhlman Tweeting in all caps, and admitting that he needs a hug on social media. We don’t know which is scarier.

New York Daily News: Everyone’s favorite wall-eyed British supermodel has scored a gig designing the boxes for French chain Sushi Shop. Because nothing tastes as good as looking at a pretty box feels.

CBS This Morning: Gordon Ramsay agreed to a profile on CBS This Morning to prove to old people the world that he’s so very misunderstood. Welp, Gayle King’s mind is changed.

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