Last Call: Anderson Cooper Takes On ‘Sexcereal’ In His RidicuList, For Obvious Reasons

Huffington Post: Sexcereal landed on Anderson Cooper’s RidicuList this week, and with good reason. The granola-esque b’fast food comes in “For Men” and “For Women” blends said to either boost testosterone for men or promote hormone-balance for women, but all we can think about is that gendered cereal exists and what would happen if you ate the wrong one.

New York Times: A New Mexico processing plant seeking to raise horses for slaughter is having trouble getting the okay, after several complaints surrounding their beef raising practices, including, but not limited to, leaving giant piles of rotting cow carcasses around the property. Not even horsemeat is safe from itself.

Consumerist: Excellent news, European (and Canadian) FOBs — Kinder Surprise are now legal in the United States! Well, sort of. A knock-off brand called Choco Treasure is. Finally, American children can learn the joys of chocolate eggs encasing tiny, choke-hazard trinkets!

Salon: Confused about why Mario Batali’s restaurant employees keep suing him for tip misappropriation? Check out this lengthy Salon piece on why exactly it’s illegal to require employees to pool their tips — complete with horror stories.

Eater: Listening to a man talk to his Google Glass in an Irish accent is hilarious enough, but listening to him narrate St. Patrick’s Day through Google Glass is painfully hilarious. Life lesson: don’t wear Google Glass tomorrow.

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