Last Call: Is Heston Blumenthal Finally Hopping Across The Pond?

Eater: After Thomas Keller apparently got “cold feet,” a new global chef will be opening a restaurant in the Mandarin Oriental Miami, and that chef is rumored to be Heston Blumenthal. Hoard your Elderflowers, people. Hoard them now.

Grub Street: The Girl Scouts of America were duped by a prankster who ordered $24,000 worth of cookies as a joke, thereby dashing their hopes of attending camp this summer. Luckily, the community rallied together to buy up all those extra boxes and settle the Scouts’ tab. How hard their lives must be, swimming in a surplus of Samoas.

Le Point: Oui, c’est en Francais, mais regardez! Chef Alain Passard making endive rosettes in his native tongue! (It’s dreamy. Just watch.)

Eatocracy: St. Patrick’s Day luck aside, check out these tips for good juju from our favorite superstitious chefs. (Although, we’re not entirely sure “eating bacon for breakfast = it’s going to be a good day” really counts as a superstition…)

New York Times: It’s possible this Japanese woman who runs Bugs in the East Village all by herself is the kooky Asian grandma you’ve always longed for but never had. Her name is Chef Boo and she microwaves everything, but still gets away with a $70 tasting menu.

Harper’s Bazaar: Eric Ripert shared his kitchen must-haves with Harper’s Bazaar, while making us all feel better about our lives by reminding us that success is measured by being happy doing what you do. Sigh. Those Buddhists always know exactly how to zen us out.

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