Last Call: Happy Birthday, Daniel Boulud!

Happy Birthday, Daniel Boulud! We hope Paul Bocuse returned the birthday cake favor.

The Daily Meal: Justin Warner explains that the reason it took so long for the Food Network Star series he won to air was because it took the network awhile to figure out how to “box the unboxable.” We feel like this is a rap lyric waiting to happen.

The Guardian: A School in The UK has banned triangular-shaped flapjacks (AKA granola bars in Brit-speak) because a student was injured after one was chucked at his face. Lunch room faculty have been instructed to cut the oat bars into square or rectangular shapes only from now on, lest students permanently disfigure each other pretending they’re ninja stars. (Oh, come on, you know that’s the game they were playing.)

Eater: Noah Ellis of Red Medicine is practicing a novel new method of dealing with reservation no-shows: publicly shaming them via Twitter. #sorrynotsorry

Hoopla-ha: And as long as I got this Soup and Thai sandwich, I’ma get my stomach full of food tonight. Heck, I’d rate this combo a nine. Lemme show you a food thing, lil’ baby. (Siiiiiiigh, Justin Timberlake food references.)

Serious Eats: How many photos of grilled cheese from the New York Big Cheesy Cook-Off will you have to click through until you realize that now, you too want a grilled cheese? We’re betting…three?

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