Last Call: Is Guy Fieri Making Sushi At SushiSamba An April Fools’ Prank?

New York Post: Guy Fieri reportedly jumped behind the counter at SushiSamba South Beach to learn how to make the chain’s signature Dromo Roll. We can only imagine what would happen if he tried that move in any New York City location…

New Yorker: Emily Nussbaum hopped on the Everybody Complain About The State of Food TV bandwagon and wrote a neat little New Yorker piece comparing Hell’s Kitchen to Julia Child, astutely pointing out that, unlike Julia’s brand of TV cookery, “in these chef-versus-chef contests, food is a perpetual emergency.”

Food & Wine: Food & Wine Magazine announced that the polls are now open for you to vote on People’s Best New Pastry Chef. Can’t we declare everyone a winner here?

Grub Street: Today in Cheese Crime, a man was arrested for making off with $200,000 worth of Muenster from a producer in Wisconsin, with the intention of selling it on the East Coast Cheese Black Market. Confession: we are the East Coast Cheese Black Market. Bring all your illicit cheeses straight to us.

BBC News: A new study reveals that William Shakespeare was a food hoarder, and that his hunger during times of food shortage was clearly reflected in his work. Wouldn’t Coriolanus have been a much more fascinating play had Shakespeare hoarded cats?

Kotaku: For April Fools’ Day, Domino’s Japan came up with Domino’s pizza in a can. We’ll take our can deep dish, please.

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