Last Call: Alcoholic Dippin’ Dots! They Exist! You Can Make Them At Home!

Gizmodo: Happy Friday, enjoy these during your blessedly long weekend, and you’re welcome.

Eater: A restaurant in Virginia is offering a 10% discount for anyone who brings in a gun. That’s a freaking ripoff, man. Bringing a gun to a restaurant should result in a 100% discount.

The Village Voice: Out in the world, Bob Marley mass-produced beverages exist, with each can claiming that it “reduces stress and relieves tension.” It might be easier to reduce stress and relieve tension by turning that can into a chalice for ganja.┬áIf you want to be authentic. We certainly wouldn’t know.

Spiegel Online: The only time German white asparagus smothered in butter sauce makes us sad: when it’s mentioned in a profile of Hitler’s imprisoned food taster. (She survived; she’s 95 years old; and her story is deeply touching.)

Zagat: Today, in chefs-are-the-new-rock-stars news, here are 5 actual rock stars who own restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area. (We can’t imagine Richard Blais’ potential venture is in danger.)

New York Magazine: In this week’s “Food Issue” of New York Mag, Red Rooster gets an affirming little shout-out, rattling off each and every team member that makes the machine run. Way in the back of the crowd, is Marcus Samuelsson with a hat.

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