Last Call: Thomas Keller Remembers Publisher Peter Workman, Who Died Yesterday At Age 74

Huffington Post: Peter Workman, founder of the publishing firm behind such culinary titles as Thomas Keller’s The French Laundry Cookbook died yesterday at age 74. Keller’s heartfelt Twitter tribute can be read here.

Eater: The talk of SNL’s Melissa McCarthy-hosted episode last weekend was her Pizza-Eating Business sketch, which is a brilliant business model based on a legitimate gap in the market. (Her explanation is much better.)

NPR: John Besh was a guest on NPR’s Tell Me More talking up his Chefs Move scholarship/exchange program, which places young New Orleans chefs in New York City kitchens for apprenticeships. So what’s the catch? They’re required to blog about the experience on a daily basis. Sorry, guys. Rough gig.

Grub Street: This guy dressed up like a chair in a coffee shop. Someone video taped it. Coffee shop patrons sat in him unsuspectingly. Reddit fame ensued.

Food Arts: Here’s a lengthy profile of The Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog, that 19th century Irish-American-themed FiDi bar. There’s a charming video with whiskey porn involved!

New York Times: Swallow Magazine has finally achieved what only Rachael Ray has been able to figure out before them: Scratch ‘n’ Sniff panels to go along with their food stories. What will they think of next?

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