Last Call: Chez Panisse Begins Taking Reservations Today

Eater: Chez Panisse began taking reservations for its reopening after that devastating fire shut it down for months as of this morning. Presumably, this will go better than the Amy’s Baking Company grand re-open, yes?

Esquire: Esquire released their annual list of the Best Bars in America, and DC tops out the count with an impressive six bars in the final tally. Insert joke about how politicians drink only the best here. We’re too bored to do it.

Obama Foodorama: Michelle Obama is pleased with the growth of the White House Wheat, which will someday become White House Bread. But knowing Shelly-O, it’ll probably be whole wheat instead of white bread, so you’d better kill that hope in its crib.

Meatopia: It’s official: this fall, Meatopia comes to The UK. Prepare to get your meat/drink/fire/music on, Brits.

The Telegraph: Michael Pollan tried to take his teenage son to McDonald’s once, and feed him his old usual — chicken nuggets — in an effort to show him how horrible they were as a semi-adult. Turns out the kid loved them, anyway. Blah blah, food nostalgia is potent. Curse those meddlesome teenagers.

LA Times: So this Japanese teenager swiped his dad’s AmEx and racked up a $54,000 tab at the equivalent of a titty-bar, and a judge ruled the bar responsible for letting the underage kid in, and American Express responsible for not flagging the charges sooner. Japan is the best! Their kids get to be THE MOST entitled!

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