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Last Call: Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Sommelier?


Serious Eats: Shake Shack‘s first Philly location opens next week. Welcome to the party, Philadelphia.

GrubStreet: Meanwhile, in The Hamptons, all the Real Housewives can nurse their cheap pinot hangovers with a slice of crack pie. A Momofuku Milk Bar pops up in Montauk, just in time for summer.

Lot 18: Eric Ripert tells the story of his craziest night with BFF Anthony Bourdain and the story of his craziest Le Bernardin patron. One involves tequila and one involves champagne. We’ll let you guess which is which.

Napa Valley Register: As if there was ever any doubt, this interview proves that Thomas Keller is, in fact, just the nicest guy ever. What an embarrassment to the celebrity chef community.

Huffington Post: We may finally feel comfortable listening to Dr. Ruth “Could Be Our Bubbe” Westheimer discuss naughty things ad nauseum and hawk sex toys, but we don’t think we’re ready to sip on her wine just yet. She has launched a line of three low-alcohol wines in an effort to encourage couples to relax without getting too wasted to do the deed. Which, to us, just sounds like a wicked headache waiting to happen.

GrubStreet: The morning after you consume your Dr. Ruth wine, you may find yourself in need of a hangover helper. May we suggest Taco Bell‘s vomitrocious Mountain Dew/OJ concoction? Yeah, this is what happens when Taco Bell tackles “mixology.” Wait for the best part — this bev is meant to be served as a BREAKFAST item. First of all, ew. Second of all, WHO is ordering off the Taco Bell breakfast menu?!

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