Last Call: This Is Why You’re Fat

Grub Street New York: In hilarious news, the Mental Health chair of the Canadian Obesity Network insists that there’s a link between psychological eating disorders and people who obsessively take photos of their food via apps like Instagram. We’d make jokes, but there are so many videos out there that do the jokes for us…okay, now we’re sad.

The New York Times: In sad news, the famed Missy Robbins announced that she was leaving A Voce, the restaurant where she gained prominence after years of laboring at Spiaggia unter Tony Mantuano. Her plans? “I have no definite plans. Nobody believes me and I do have lots of ideas but I’m not in a rush. I want to travel, and work on a book.” Dang, we wish that we could have those lack of plans.

FoodGPS: Ever wonder what magazines chefs read? On a plane? Waiting for the train? In the bathroom?

The New Yorker: In cannibal news, archaeologists at Jamestown revealed that during a particularly lean period in the colony’s earlier days, things were so desperate that the English settlers butchered and the corpse of a young girl. This was never in the Disney version of Pocahontas.

Eater: All the diners at Spago wanted was a nice dinner underneath an enormous skylight; not the enormous skylight shattering spontaneously and falling into their dinner.


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