Last Call: Should You Trust That Yelp Review? Let A JPEG Tell You

Wired: Because infographics rule your life, here’s one for the trustworthiness of Yelp! reviews that might be actually useful to your everyday existence. (Also helpful for all areas of your life: this one.)

io9: The ever-so-popular “Paleo” diet, whose adherents cut out all processed foods and eat only plants and MEATS, has no basis in scientific evidence, according to biologist Marlene Zuk in an excerpt from her upcoming book. We for one are happy to learn that our brawny, heroic ancestors would have also devoured Cheetos, given the chance.

Restaurant Frantzén: Perhaps to combat the gripes about tasting menus going on forever, the team at Restaurant Frantzén (a.k.a. a Swedish restaurant named in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants) showcase their entire tasting menu in three minutes. Well, that was over mighty fast.

GQ: So you’re marathoning Deadwood for the third time, and need to know where Papa can get his whiskey fix. Lucky for you, GQ compiled a list of the ten best whiskey bars in Amurrica. And you don’t have to go back in time to the Gold Rush Era!

Eater: As the unidentified Mean Girls of the James Beard Awards press room pointed out, America’s Classics isn’t always the most exciting category. But here are some handy video profiles of the restaurants who won from the Foundation, to spice up your life.

New York Times: Cops are such jerks to food trucks, and other gripes, explored here, by the New York Times.

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