Last Call: Stock Images Of Food Are Weird

Reddit: We think this is supposed to go with articles about GMOs, or robot biofuels, or the Singularity? We don’t know! Our brains just broke.

Eater: As everyone knows, the team at Noma regularly serve insects and crawly things. As everyone wonders, though, how could that possibly be any bit tasty? In the words of Montell Jordan/Tom Haverford, “this is how we eat it.”

LA Weekly: It’s almost Mother’s Day weekend, which gives Ludo Lefebvre and a group of other Los Angeles chefs an opportunity to talk about the mothers (or grandmothers) in their lives. Moms are the best.

Marcus Samuelsson: To honor the 375th anniversary of Swedes arriving in America, the King and Queen of Sweden lunched with Samuelsson at Red Rooster, celebrating this momentous occasion the way that only Swedes can: by drinking a lot of cocktails.

Huffington Post: In promoting his newest book VB6: Eat Vegan Before 6:00 to Lose Weight and Restore Your Health … for Good, Mark Bittman absolves his readers of the sin of occasionally eating unhealthy food, or forgetting to exercise, or eating your child’s ice cream when they’re not looking, or even not flossing. Go ahead, cheat your face off.

The New York Times: What happened to the wine that ended up underwater during Hurricane Sandy? Some survived, to be paired with a tasting menu at a fundraising dinner held at Fort Defiance in Brooklyn.


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