Last Call: Michel Richard Is Opening Up Shop In NYC

Grub Street NY: Our favorite easily enthused French chef Michel Richard plans on a NYC Debut of his JBA-winning restaurant Central in 2013. He’s looking for a vast space in Downtown or Midtown. Giant Kit Kat bars for everyone!

The Observer: Jay Rayner justifies the art of nabbing other people’s food off their plates, and we feel better about our gluttonous selves.

Obama Foodorama: Paul Kahan of Blackbird cooks lunch for Michelle Obama’s Chicago luncheon with the spouses of NATO leaders.

Eater LA: Foie Gras Fighters Make False Resys To Thwart Service

The Guardian: Wine critic and novelist Jay McInerney does an interview at April Bloomfield’s The Spotted Pig, covering his former–and current–debauched habits.

Eater Philly: The Top Chef tour rolls into Philadelphia, pitting Season 6’s Jen Carroll against her castmate Eli Kirshtein in a live quickfire battle.

MSNBC: A new study released this week finds that people who buy organic produce are “jerks.”  Hmph. Of course they’d say that. Whatever.

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