Last Call: What’s Anthony Bourdain Doing At An NRA Convention

Serious Eats: And by that, we mean the National Restaurant Association Convention, where Anthony Bourdain judged a mixology contest. Don’t worry, we thought that he’d gone to the National Rifle Association’s convention when we read that headline, too. (The Bourdain-Nugent connection is well-known, after all.)

Charlie Rose: The totally unrelated Daniel Rose speaks to the veteran journalist about opening an American restaurant in Paris.

Chicagoist: Chicago’s nickname is The Second City — because they’re the second city that gets to host the horrible fail-show that is The Great GoogaMooga! Have fun with it, guys.

NYMag: Everyone’s getting in on this “Ooh, let’s learn to cook at home!” fad — even Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge has her own housekeeper teaching her how to cook British recipes. The trendsetter’s following trends? What is this new world we live in?!

Grub Street New York: Watch Jimmy MacMillan, aka “The Rent Is Too Damn High” guy, put his activism and karate skills to work by christening a Papaya Dog in his good name. If you want to marry that Papaya Dog, he’ll marry you.

Eater: And finally, here’s a list of places where you can get a good meal and donate to tornado relief efforts in Oklahoma. (Also, one final plug for the Robicelli’s Team Rubicon fundraising page!)

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