Last Call: Ho Hum, It’s Just Daniel Boulud’s Everyday Normal Boring Life

Huffington Post: It’s just a normal week in the life of chef Daniel Boulud. So humdrum, so boring, so filled with galas held at Per Se and James Beard Awards and Danny Bowien’s beautiful turquoise plumage and building roof patios. Yawn.

Quartz: A Chinese chemistry teacher down on his luck was recently arrested for cooking the kidney-damaging maleic acid, an illegal food additive, to help support his family. (No, this is not the Chinese bootleg of Breaking Bad; though we suspect it would look a little like this.)

CNN: Speaking of China, their people will eat everything from duck tongues to gizzards, but not cheese. “Most Chinese people are not used to cheese culture,” observes the one guy in Beijing with a fromagerie.

Reuters: Curtis Stone has an evil, sweet-toothed squirrel digging up his LA vegetable patch and he’s not happy about it. “He won’t eat anything that’s too peppery, so he’ll leave watercress and arugula. But anything sweet like broccoli or zucchini or basil, he’ll just destroy it,” Curtis told Reuters. Picky.

Eater: Buddy Valastro is rumored to be opening an Italian concept restaurant in Las Vegas. Do you have enough reasons to steer clear of Las Vegas yet?

Grub Street: Prepare to be overwhelmed: Alexander Skarsgård cooks a mean coq au vin, and he probably does it shirtless. We know. Put some clothes on, Northman.

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