Last Call: The Grossest End-Of-Day Link Compilation We’ve Ever Done

SportsGrid: A sno-cone vendor at Astros Stadium in Houston was caught taking his wares into the bathroom and leaving them on the ground. Warning: the yellow snow-cones are probably not lemon flavored.

Jezebel: Who wants a body exfoliating scrub that also doubles as pretzel dip? No, seriously, who would ever want that?

The Daily Mail: The average British barbecued meat has twice as many germs on it than an average British toilet seat. Either this is a sign of American superiority at barbecue and food safety, or Brits just have very clean toilets. (Let’s just go with “America’s The Best, Like Always.”)

Gothamist: 29 bars in New Jersey are being investigated after police discovered a massive scam, where bartenders poured dirty water and rubbing alcohol into premium bottles, then sold them to customers. One, were they labeled “Johnnie Walker Blech”? And two, of course this happened in New Jersey.

Serious Eats: Okay, this Korean food porn-filled music video isn’t gross. BUT IT GETS SAD. Fair warning.

Geekosystem: Fine, here’s a palate cleanser after all that grossness and sadness. Dozens of Cleveland restaurants have offered free burgers for life to viral hero and rescuer of kidnapped women Charles Ramsey. McDonald’s, however, has not — which is seriously such a dick move.

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